High Throughput Screening Systems

Parallel synthesis in solution is a technique used in the drug discovery  
to rapidly synthesize a large number of compounds. It has had a
tremendous impact on the design of new drug candidates. The
technique is growing in importance throughout the pharmaceutical
industry because it uses the core expertise of medicinal chemists -
namely, doing chemistry in solution.

Gatlik offers following services: reductive and oxidative multiple
synthesis and electrochemical generation of drug metabolites via a
mechanism initiated by a one electron oxidation, such as N–
dealkylation, S–oxidation, P–oxidation, alcohol oxidation and

The benefits of reductive and oxidative parallel synthesis go beyond
time saving. Although the technique can increase the output of new
analogues 10-fold or more, crucially it also optimizes the discovery
process. It does this by presenting chemists with a broader range of
compounds, which would not have been evaluated in a traditional
Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) process.

Parallel synthesis
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