High Throughput Screening Systems

Conducting Inks Screening (CIS) System

Curing Initiators Screening (CIS) System

The Gatlik CIS Systems represent the new generation of sensor based
screening platform. Designed to measure and compare physical and
chemical: processes in samples during catalysis, radical initiation,
polymerization, sensibilization; and properties of stored or treated
samples. CIS Systems enable customers in the fields of chemical
research, material science and industrial process control, to perform
advanced high-throughput analyses precisely with high accuracy and

The Gatlik CIS instruments have demonstrated the capability to
produce consistent measurement of initiation and follow-up kinetic
reactions during a free radical polymerization and excellent
physico-chemical characteristic of various materials. The CIS
technology enables rapid, label-free detection and quantification of
molecular interactions of additives in curable and air-dryable
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