High Throughput Screening Systems

Electroactive Pharmaceutical Screening (EPS) System

The Gatlik EPS System is novel, automated high-throughput screening
equipment, suitable for assessing the oxidative, reductive and
metabolic stability of new drug candidates at the early stage of lead
optimization. The determination is based on intrinsic electrochemical
parameters of tested compounds and does not require any biological
material. The EPS System allows to electrochemically produce the first
pass metabolites of drugs in reactions like dehydrogenation, N-, S-, C-
oxidation and N-, O- dealkylation with the activation reflecting
Cytochrome P450 redox processes. The innovative aspect of this
analytical and production device is the application of electronic sensors
for stability investigation of new chemical entities. Therefore, a
conventional 96-well plate has been replaced with a 96-sensor plate,
where electronic sensors and transducers are located in each well of
the plate. The EPS device does not require any enzymes or organic
material and is not restricted to certain compound types. The system
principle was extensively evaluated by various assays and types of
compounds. This innovative technology shows promising results for a
variety of applications beyond metabolic screens, e.g. in formulation
development, antioxidant profiling or hepatotoxicity prediction.

In detail, the Gatlik EPS System consists of:

  • Sensor-Plate-96.2TV3
  • Transformating & analysing unit
  • Controlling & processing software
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