High Throughput Screening Systems

Oxidative and metabolic stability of drugs

A major focus observed in recent years in drug development is to reduce
the number of compound failures at a late stage. Such misfortune is
frequently the result of unfavourable compound properties, like hepatic
toxicity, metabolic instability or slight potency. Rational drug discovery
begins with the knowledge of stability and reactivity of libraries and early
prediction of properties (e.g. drug-likeness, ADME, toxicity), that
influence the success of a drug candidate at the end of development.
To address this challenge, Dr. I. Gatlik has invented the Electroactive
Screening (EPS) System, an innovative High-Throughput
Screening (HTS) solutions, to allow more informed and accurate decisions
about synthesis and lead selection in the early stages.

About Gatlik

Gatlik EPS System with software and Sensor-Plate-96.2TV3

EPS System